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About Us

Hertfordshire Citizens Advice Services (HCAS) seeks to promote and develop the provision of advice giving services to the citizens of Hertfordshire. It does this by securing funding, forging strategic county-wide alliances and facilitating cooperation and collaboration between the 10 Citizens Advice Hertfordshire services.

The ten Citizens Advice services in Hertfordshire  are each a separate charity but we all offer a similar service from a variety of locations and offices across the county. Where possible we collaborate on projects in order to deliver a more efficient service.

Mug iconOne example is the Hertfordshire Adviceline which is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday. 03444 111 444

At every local service we offer free, confidential and impartial advice – whoever you are.
We help people overcome their problems and campaign on big issues when their voices need to be heard.
We value diversity, champion equality, and challenge discrimination and harassment.
We’re here for everyone.

How we can help:

Our service is free, confidential and open to everyone in the community.

Staff IconStaff are trained to advise on virtually any issue, including:

  • welfare benefits
  • money and credit problems
  • employment
  • housing
  • family and personal issues
  • consumer rights
  • neighbourhood disputes
  • education and healthcare
  • human rights

We arm you with all the facts and possible outcomes of different options. That way you can make the decision that’s right for you. If needed, we can often offer practical support such as help with filling forms, writing letters or negotiating with third parties.

Key facts about Citizens Advice in Hertfordshire

HCAS Tick IconThe ten Citizens Advice organisations across Hertfordshire generated a combined figure of £161 million of value for the county during 2014/15.
HCAS Tick IconFor our clients, every £1 invested in Citizens Advice across Hertfordshire generated £16.20 of value back to our clients through extra benefit payments, debts being written off or consumer issues being resolved
HCAS Tick IconEvery £1 invested in Citizens Advice in Hertfordshire generates £14.42 in wider economic and social benefits, through increased participation and productivity for our clients and volunteers.
HCAS Tick IconFour in five say that our help improved their life in ways such as reducing stress, improving physical health or increasing their finances
HCAS Tick IconCitizens Advice in Hertfordshire works to help reduce cases of homelessness; our work has saved local authorities in Herts a total of £1.6 million. We create additional value for local authorities by helping clients negotiate local processes, such as welfare reform changes and rescheduling council tax arrears.
HCAS Tick IconDuring 2015/16 Citizens Advice in Hertfordshire advised 45,085 clients and dealt with 135,619 advice issues